zucchini goat cheese pizza


Where the heck did June go? I distinctly remember flipping my calendar at work and thinking, “Smell ya later, May showers.” I admired the picture that would become my June view (a porch in Tuscany…yes, I own a calendar of porch views. Don’t judge me). And then apparently life happened (birthdays, graduations, a four year anniversary (!), cook outs, a trip to the beach, etc.), and I neglected my poor, little blog. If this blog was a kid, CPS would’ve been called ages ago. Maybe if this blog cried or smelled bad when I ignored it, then I’d be more inclined to check in. Hear that, WordPress gods? A stinky blog is an updated blog. Just an FYI.

But I’m back now with a new-found resolve to keep the cobwebs off this tiny internet space. And I want to reinvigorate you with a truly delicious dinner. A dinner that is PERFECT for May June whatever month this is: Smitten Kitchen’s Lemony Zucchini Goat Cheese Pizza.

Have you finally jumped on the homemade pizza bandwagon I’ve been trying to get you on for the past year or so? It’s SO EASY and the pay-off is huge. Start with KAF’s pizza crust. On top of that goes goat cheese and lemon juice and salt and pepper. Then zucchini. Then lemon juice. Then olive oil. Couldn’t be simpler. Couldn’t be tastier.

I made this for dinner, but it would make a really fun appetizer for a party. Especially with the cocentric rings of yellow and green zucchini. People will think you’re super schmancy and will feel bad about using the hand towels in your bathroom. These are things you’ll just have to get used to when you make this pizza for friends. You’ve been warned.

shaved asparagus pizza

Not that long ago, I met a friend for Happy Hour at a local bar. It was a pretty classy joint, so I was surprised when I saw the “shots girls” walking around the place, with their trays of booze samples and microscopic shorts.

They stopped where we were sitting and offered us their wares: shots of Pinnacle Whipped Vodka (i.e. vodka that tastes like whipped cream).  Isn’t science amazing? I’m so glad that lab is churning out flavored vodka and not wasting time on something worthless, like the cure for cancer or eye shadow that doesn’t crease.

Because I did a shot (and didn’t vomit, I guess), I got a free t-shirt. Wanna see it?

Yup. “I got whipped in DC.”

When I got home, Nate was all like, “That’ll be a good dust rag,” and frankly I was a little shocked that he didn’t see the shirt’s potential. So I made a list of places I could wear it:

-The grocery store

-Church picnics

-Casual Fridays


-Babysitting my friend’s kids

The list is endless, really.

In fact, I’ve already worn it while making this Shaved Asparagus Pizza from Annie’s Eats. (Granted, it didn’t get the air time I’d like, but it did make quite the statement in my kitchen.)

I started with my favorite pizza crust from King Arthur Flour (though you could certainly follow Annie’s suggestion in her recipe). Then I went to town with the mozzarella, Boursin garlic cheese, and shaved asparagus. It’s a really simple combination of flavors, but the results are out of this world.

We liked it so much, that we actually made the pizza TWICE this week. That’s a record in this condo.