mocha madness ice cream


Hi friends!!!

It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? My blog calendar tells me I haven’t posted since May 1, which means I haven’t written a thing in 25 days. Yikes.

Now, I know that excuses are for the birds, but I actually have a pretty decent one to explain my absence: we went to Italy! And for almost two weeks I ate pasta and drank wine like a champ.

Our trip started in a house in Umbria (next door to Tuscany)…

Umbria HouseView of the pool dsc_0082

There was a cooking lesson (I’ll be sharing more about that in the future!)…


A day trip to Florence…


And a stay in Rome…

dsc_0581The Colosseum dsc_0701dsc_0747dsc_0600

After all of our travels (and all of our eating!), I’m finding it difficult to stay focused in the kitchen. Maybe it’s being away compounded with the fact that it’s pretty much summer and all I want to do is play outside, but I’ve noticed that I only have the attention span sufficient for quick meals and desserts. And since ice cream is one of THE EASIEST and most satisfying desserts, I figured I’d share with you King Arthur Flour’s phenomenal Mocha Madness Ice Cream (you know, in case you’re in the same “attention span of a gnat” situation I’m in).


I first tasted this treat at a friend’s house. She topped my bowl off with an Oreo and I thought, Wow, so cute! And then I tried a bite and thought, GIMME THE BUCKET OF ICE CREAM AND NO ONE GETS HURT. My inner hungry girl can get kinda scary sometimes.

Not one weekend later, I made this recipe for myself and the rest is history. I think this might be my tenth time making this ice cream, and since this isn’t my first rodeo, I do have a few notes:

1) Add one more tablespoon of espresso powder–the coffee flavor is intensified and it is awesome.

2) I’ve eaten this after it’s been frozen for a bunch of hours, and I’ve eaten this soft serve-style, right after churning. Either way, it is perfection.

3) I have used 2% milk instead of the whole milk to no ill effect. But if you try to swap out the heavy or whipping cream for something lighter, I will have to un-friend you.

4) Three words: Chocolate-Filled Oreos. The original is fine, but these are extra credit.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! I hope it’s filled with lots of food and fun!

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  1. That Mocha Madness Ice Cream looks absolutely delicious. It is making my mouth water right now. You are so lucky to travel and see so many amazing places. I hope to one day save up and see all the world has to offer. Great post and enjoy your travels 🙂

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