slow cooker spinach lasagna

Slow Cooker Spinach Lasagna


That’s the sound I made when I woke up on this, the first Monday after “Springing Forward.” My typical day starts at 5 am. Due to the time change, it really started at 4 am. Which, to me, is the equivalent of being mauled by a bear while simultaneously being dunked in ice water.

Then, after nearly crashing and burning during my entire morning routine (including somehow sandwiching my earlobe between the plates of my hot straightening iron), I arrived at the metro to find a crowded platform and 20 minute delays.

So, yeah, the best way I can describe today is, “Auuuuuuugh.” That is until I got home, opened the door, and was smacked in the nose with the awesome smell of a spinach lasagna cooking in the crock pot.

Slow Cooker Spinach Lasagna

That smell (and the subsequent dinner)? Heaven. I had my doubts about the quality of a lasagna made in a slow cooker, but it was really, truly delicious. The lasagna (courtesy of Real Simple) is super cheesy and flavorful, and holds its shape like a champ.

Next time, I’m going to brown some hot Italian sausage to throw in with the layers of cheese, spinach, marinara and noodles, but this version is a fantastic starting (and ending) point.