the ultimate tip: clean your stove with ammonia

I realize I’ve been on a non-food bent recently. And I do apologize for the temporary change in trajectory. But seriously, guys and gals. If you have a gas stove, you have GOT to try this.

Before. Ew. I'm ashamed to share this photo.

Before. Ew. I’m ashamed to share this photo.

When Nate and I moved in to The Condo, we inherited filthy carpets, terrible light fixtures, a bad paint job, and greasy stove grates. We took care of the first three offenses right away, but the fourth was out of our reach. We tried scouring with Bon Ami and hot water, drowning the grates in Lysol, and tons of elbow grease. Nothing EVER worked. I was so desperate for a clean-looking stove that I was even researching the cost of buying all new grates when I came across this tip: put your grates in a sealed bag with a little bit of ammonia. Let sit for 24 hours. Then watch the grime practically fall off.

I was skeptical. How could the fumes from ammonia clean the most stubborn gunk I’ve ever encountered? But I was up for a try, since the cost of new grates would reach somewhere in the hundreds. Ack.

So I put my stove-top grates, the stove-top pans, and the caps in double-bagged garbage bags, pouring about half a cup of ammonia (bought at Home Depot) in the bag before sealing it up and leaving them on my porch overnight.

After. Sooo much better.

After. Sooo much better.

When I got home from work the following evening, I held my breath and retrieved the pieces. Using just the scratchy side of an ordinary sponge and wee bit of Dawn, I was able to easily scrub off every last bit of grime and grease from all of my stove-top parts. It was a freakin’ miracle.

If you have a gas range, I absolutely recommend trying this method to clean your nasty grates. I’ve heard that ammonia isn’t great for aluminium or cast iron grates, so keep that in mind. Also, never EVER combine ammonia with bleach. Alone they are fine, but together they create an extremely toxic gas. And that is not groovy.


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