shredded brussels sprouts salad

I know that sharing a salad as my first post of the New Year is akin to saying, hey fellow binge-eating cookie lovers! Let’s get this food thing under control, shall we? Let’s gnaw on celery and baby carrots, and try to convince ourselves that these snacks will ABSOLUTELY hit the spot.

But (I pinky-swear) that’s not what I’m getting at at all. While I’m all for thoughtful eating, I’m also all for eating delicious, home-made food. It’s in this spirit that I’m sharing this recipe for Addictive Brussels Sprouts Salad from Shutterbean.

Sure, it’s a salad. But it’s also delicious, containing all sorts of yummy ingredients like Parmigiano-Reggiano and toasted walnuts and a Dijon dressing. It’s sophisticated and filling and goes with just about any main dish.

So whether salads are part of your New Year resolutions or you just like to eat well, this salad is sure to satisfy.


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