award-winning coconut lime bars

Coconut Lime Bars

At my office, like many offices, there’s a yearly holiday party. And at said party, there’s almost always a bake-off. And at every bake-off is an entry from yours truly, hoping to show off my baking chops and perhaps win an LED Christmas light necklace or plastic reindeer antlers attached to a headband. As the saying goes, I plays for keeps.

This year the party theme was Holidays in Hawaii (Mele Kalikimaka and whatnot), so I decided to wow the judges with a coconut/lime confection, figuring my competitors would go for the standard chocolate dessert. So you can imagine my surprise and chagrin when I put my entry down on a table covered with every coconut and lime combination under the sun.

Luckily, I had an ace in hole: Shutterbean’s magnificent Coconut Lime Bar recipe. Loaded with freshly-zested limes, chopped macadamia nuts, mounds of shredded coconut, and BUTTA, these bars are actually like two cookies smooshed together in a duet rivaling the nearly-unsurpassable combo of Elton John and Kiki Dee.

They are fantastic. And they won me the bake-off. So all I want to know is, when are you gonna make them?


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