curried butternut squash soup with bleu cheese

Curried Butternut Squash Soup

This time of year, I find that I’m in the kitchen a lot. On any given evening, you’ll find me with my hair pulled back, apron on, and flour streaked across my cheek. It’s a great look and I anticipate my spread for Vogue being shot any day now.

The downside to all of this kitchen-time is that most of it is baking-related, which severely cuts in to my “real food” making time. And it’s an incredible bummer to spend hours on your feet in front of a hot oven, only to be left starving, surrounded by piles of cookies you baked for other people. Ugh.

That’s why, especially during the holiday season, it’s imperative that we all have a couple of easy, hearty recipes in our back pockets. Pink Parsley’s Curried Butternut Squash Soup is just such a recipe.  Creamy, filling, spicy, EASY, this soup is an absolute crowd-pleaser. Serve it as a main or side dish and win some extra points by topping it with bleu cheese or a dollop of greek yogurt (yummmm…).

Happy eating!


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