butterscotch, chocolate, and walnut blondies

Okay everyone, this is it. My most ultimate, favorite-ist time of the year. And I am SO excited.

Since Thanksgiving just three days ago, I have finished sewing Christmas stockings for Nate and I, updated my holiday playlist on my iPod, attended a German Christmas market, and trimmed the tree AND the house. (Nate, bless his heart, has been simply trying to keep up–he says I’m like the Peanuts kids when they wave their arms in the air and suddenly a tree is decorated.)

And as you may have guessed, another huge part of the holidays for me is baking. There’s something about the warm oven and the smell of bread or cookies or cake wafting throughout the condo that makes me oh, so happy. I’m even happier if said baking is quick, painless, and delicious, so that I can fully enjoy another favorite part of the holidays: watching Christmas movies on an endless loop.

With all of this in mind, I present to you the Nordstrom Bar (Nordy Bar, for short). A blondie with a butterscotch base, they take the flavor to eleven with chocolate chips, marshmallows and walnuts. Another selling point? These come together quickly and in just one pot. Truly a Christmas miracle.

While this is a very straight-forward recipe, I would add two notes: first, when you add the butterscotch and brown sugar to the melted butter, it will all melt together very quickly and smoothly if you start stirring right away. Do not let the mixture sit while you try to save your dinner from burning in the oven (eh hem, I speak from experience here). The chips will not melt evenly, and if you try to crack an egg into the mixture (as the next step tells you to do), you will scramble the egg in the too-hot butter/butterscotch/sugar combo and have to start all over.

Second, these bars will never look fully baked. No matter how long you bake them for, a toothpick in the center will never pull away completely clean. So, if it looks underdone at 28 minutes, maybe add 5 more, and then perhaps another 5 with tinfoil on top (to stop the top of the blondies from browning), but no more than that. Otherwise they’ll be burned to little butterscotch crisps. Which will effectively ruin the holidays, and you don’t want that on your conscience, do you?



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