parker house rolls

Hi, ladies and gents!

It’s been a while, I know. I’ve missed this space and have been hankering to get back. But sometimes life gets in the way and I’ve actually been keeping myself pretty busy.

I’ve worked on some crocheted hats for babies (um, no, not my own), sewed up some seasonal table runners, spent a lot of time online looking for the BEST Christmas presents, and developed my taste for bourbon (wowza, that stuff is good). I’ve also been reading East of Eden (ridiculously engrossing–read it now! I’ll wait.) and staring out the condo’s office window.

Exhibit A

I’m going to miss those leaves when they’re gone.

I’ve also been doing my usual cooking, baking, etc., but nothing really grabbed me enough to want to share it here with you. Until I tried the Parker House Rolls recipe featured in the November issue of Bon Appetit.

This is a little bit of a finicky recipe, no doubt. First of all, I added a good half-cup more of flour than it called for so that my dough wasn’t one big, gooey mess. Obviously, the stickiness could’ve been the result of something I messed up, but, in my defense, I had followed the recipe to a “T” up to that point. So, I’d recommend using some baker’s logic and, if your dough is too goopy, feel free to add flour until you can actually work with it. The additional gluten didn’t affect the flavor or my rolls whatsoever, and they rose just fine.

In fact, even after having to coax the dough back from the brink, I would absolutely make these again (probably for Thanksgiving!). They were perfectly buttery and fluffy, and nobody I served them to could eat just one. Success!

**Thank you to Bon Appetit for featuring my post on “Bloggers Cook BA”! Check it out (along with lots of other awesome blogs) here.**


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