best baked donuts

I’d like to think that I’m the kind of person who eschews fancy kitchen gadgets.

I don’t own a cherry pitter, or an egg poaching pod, or onion goggles (it’s my only claim to “tough girl” street cred…among cooking nerds). I honestly prefer my chef’s knife, 12″ skillet, dutch oven, cookie sheets, and plain, ol’ cutting boards–with them, I can do pretty much anything. Except make donuts.

Sure, I could fry some donuts in the dutch oven or skillet, no problem. But I don’t really like to fry in the condo’s kitchen (there’s no window in there to air the place out afterward). And I always burn myself. So baked donuts in my prissy Wilton donut pan are the way to go in my house, and I make them pretty often. Only, you wouldn’t know that because I’ve never EVER shared a recipe with you here. Well, until now.

Behold Cooking with my Kid’s Baked Maple Cinnamon Donuts (ooh, aah). These are wicked, wicked good. Moist, fluffy, cinnamon-y, maple-y perfection. And they take practically no time to make, which means you can have a delicious donut (or 2) on your plate in under half an hour. That’s a serious return on investment.

Nate and I discussed the merits of these donuts in between bites, and we both agreed that they’re really special. Almost like they were yeasted, though they totally aren’t. My next batch is going to include some pumpkin instead of yogurt–you know, to get in the spirit of the upcoming holidays (like I need an excuse to eat pumpkin).



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