dutch oven bread

Today at work, I had an idea. Not just any plain old idea, but a really good one. One that will make me a million bucks. And though I could certainly keep it to myself, it’s just not in my generous nature. So here goes:

Bread Perfume.

Or, Eau de Rising Loaves.

Or, Baked: Pour Homme.

(The little matter of choosing a name clearly hasn’t been ironed out yet.)

You see, to me, nothing in this world smells better than a loaf of bread baking in the oven. I mean, if I met a guy that always smelled like a fresh focaccia or challah bread, I’d have to abandon the Condo to follow Mr. FreshBread. Don’t worry–I’ve already briefed Nate and he told me that he understands. And that he would also probably follow Mr. FreshBread, because seriously, who could resist?

“The Bread” in action. YUM.

Since Mr. FreshBread isn’t in the picture just yet, and neither is my fantastic bottled scent, I had to bite the bullet and go for the real thing this weekend: I made The Bread (yes, that’s what it’s called) by The Pioneer Woman.

I’ve been meaning to try a Dutch Oven bread for FOREVER, but was always turned off by the super-long rise times (I have no patience for that nonsense!). Happily, this dough only takes one to four hours to rise, and just 45 minutes to bake.

When you finally pull this baby out of the oven, you’ll be surprised by its hard crust.  Do not be fooled–the crust is crunchy, but inside it’s super fluffy and moist. Perhaps it has something to do with the entire stick of melted butter in the recipe? Perhaps.

At the suggestion of PW, I added about a tablespoon of fresh thyme that we had leftover from a recipe earlier in the week. It was an awesome addition, though I think my next attempt will be with rosemary (my all-time favorite herb).

Please tell me you’ll give this a try. And please promise to buy my perfume when it inevitably hits the shelves.

Thanks in advance.


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