vietnamese shaky beef

Last night, I clocked somewhere around four hours of sleep because I couldn’t get a Foo Fighters song out of my head.

I thought that happened to everyone, but today a number of friends assured me that it doesn’t.

Suffice it to say, I felt pretty crappy by the time my alarm rang at 5 am.  I even think Remy the Cat sensed I was off–her meows had a more concerned tone than usual. Meow? MEOW?

I got ready in a haze. I caught the bus in a haze. I boarded the metro in a haze.

Then I saw this ad for the United Arab Emirates on the wall of my metro car:

And I had to stop myself from laughing out loud, because the image of a handful of lovely stewardesses walking towards the camera with one missing a big, ol’ front tooth (obviously the work of a metro-riding artist) was–to me, the girl who got four hours of sleep last night–ridiculously brilliant.

Also brilliant? Home made Shaky Beef, courtesy of the ever-awesome Skinny Taste.

There are a few extra steps in this recipe (make the marinade, whisk the vinaigrette, pickle the onions, whip up the dipping sauce), but it’s these touches that make the dish super authentic (as verified by my Vietnamese friend) and really fantastically yummy.

We thought the dish was perfect as-is (so many flavors!), but then my friend suggested having some Jasmine rice on the side for good measure. And I can only imagine that the addition of the rice could take this from awesomer to awesomest.

Why don’t you be the judge?


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