crazy-good shrimp salad rolls

In my neck of the woods, we have these things called “food trucks.”

Oh, you’ve heard of them?

Well then, I’m sure you know about the cupcake trucks, and the Ethiopian trucks, and the Korean BBQ trucks, and the popcorn trucks. And the popsicle trucks, and the Mediterranean trucks, and the taco trucks. BUT have you heard of the lobster roll truck? It’s a game changer.

Imagine, if you will, buttery chunks of lobster meat, lightly mixed with mayo, piled on a crusty bun. Pretty amazing, right?

Now imagine you’re on a budget. And you don’t live in Maine. And you aren’t married to a fish monger. But you’re really craving some sweet, sweet seafood. Then I suggest you make these Shrimp Salad Rolls and go to town.

Just like their lobster roll cousins, these yummies are made up of crustaceans sautéed in butter, mixed with mayo and lemon, and sprinkled with herbs. But unlike their cousins, these rolls are light (as in, featured in Cooking Light). So you can eat them with reckless abandon. Which is pretty much my MO with all food.



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