quiche again? change it up with lemon, arugula, and ricotta

As of this afternoon, I am very nearly done with week one of a two-week training course I’m required to take for my job.

Now, I know I’ve never really delved into my occupation here–mainly because I’d like to keep you awake while reading my blog–but let’s just say that I work with contracts. And that there’s a lot of law involved, along with musty, thick books filled with tissue-paper-thin pages covered in regulations. I told you. Snooze-fest. (Though I’ve gotta say that I do, truly enjoy it).

Now, since contracts people are generally pretty nerdy and bookish, you can only imagine how lame our jokes are. Lots of play on contract-y words and fake descriptions of common (to my field) acronyms.

Case in point, this photo had my class laughing uproariously:

Dinghy: “Original Contract” Speed Boat: “Change Order”

If you get why that’s funny, it’s probably because you’re a nerd, too.

You might also be a nerd if you think it’s fun to see how many quiche flavor combinations you can try in a two-week span. Like Martha Stewart’s Ricotta, Lemon and Arugula Quiche. Except, I pulled a lazy Katie and simply par-baked a grocery store crust, filling it with Martha’s combo of yummy (and pretty darn healthy) ingredients.

I loved the ricotta (a different and surprising twist to your average quiche), and the peppery arugula was perfectly balanced by the lemon zest.

I made this for dinner, but I think it would be the perfect addition to any Sunday brunch.



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