my cup overfloweth: zucchini and caramelized onion quiche

As a person living in the DC area, I know what heat is. I’ve experienced 86 degrees at 6 am. I’ve had my hair go from straight to frizzy in seconds flat after entering the oppressive humidity of the out-of-doors. I’ve learned how to dress in countless layers so that I won’t faint outside or freeze inside (why must the air conditioning always be set to Arctic?).  But this weather we’ve had these past few weeks? This is crazy.

My hair is constantly sticking to my head. My eyes are endlessly seared by the blinding sun. And the cubes in my iced coffee melt before I can walk the half-block by to my office. Worst of all, my friend’s zucchini plants are suffering no matter how much she waters them. It’s a travesty.

So I decided to use my last home-picked zucchini in the best, grandest way I could think of: a Zucchini and Caramelized Onion Quiche from August’s issue of Cooking Light.

You have to start early with this recipe if you want to make the Basic Caramelized Onions (and believe me, you’ll want to make these). I only sliced two yellow onions and used about one teaspoon of oil and one teaspoon of butter, and they turned out great.

And, in the interest of further short-cuts, I bought a pie crust already in the aluminum pan and pre-baked it at 375 for just 12 minutes before putting the rest of the quiche together. As you can tell from the picture, the quiche was definitely not worse for the wear, even after all of my work arounds.

So if your zucchini cup overfloweth, too, might I suggest this dish? It won’t cool you down, but it will definitely perk you up.


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