chilled peaches in white wine

The FDA says that a woman my age (ahem) should be eating up to 2.5 cups of fruits and veggies a day. And I try. Goodness knows I try. But ever so often the apple I bring as “dessert” to accompany my lunch is kinda mealy. And my baby carrots are far from exciting.

Sometimes I cram my fruits and veggies into my day via a big salad or a spinach quiche. And sometimes I just call it a bust and wonder how many cups I can claim with the ketchup I’m using on my fries.

But that was before. Before Chilled Peaches in White Wine (BCPWW). Because now that I’m acquainted with this AMAZING dessert from Orangette, I’ve decided that it is really REALLY easy to meet my 2.5 cups. Heck, make it 3 cups. I’m game.

The recommendation to whip up a quick batch of peaches in white wine came from one of my lovely girl friends. I was looking for an easy, summery dessert and she promised that this recipe would deliver. Boy did it ever. Sweet, syrupy, boozy, I really can’t get enough. And lucky for me, so long as it’s still peach season, I can get this dessert going in, oh, ten minutes or so. All it takes are some thinly-sliced peaches, sugar and dry white wine. The combo is great after “marinating” overnight, but it’s PHENOMENAL three days later. It truly gets better with age. Just like me. Delightful.


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