lovely limoncello

Did you know that sleeping is an important part of life? And that not clocking enough Zs can make you grumpy and frustrated and resemble a Cathy cartoon? Aack!

Yes, of course you know this. I did, too. And yet, I never realized that the reason I often felt groggy and beat during the week was because, though I was in bed for enough hours to constitute a “good night’s sleep,” I wasn’t really sleeping. Like, at all.

This conclusion came after a week of Nate and I sleeping on our new, awesome mattress. For the first time in a long time, I’ve gotten hours of uninterrupted sleep. And if I do wake up, I fall right back to sleep. Uh-mahzing.

An awesome side effect of sleeping is having energy! Energy to do all sorts of things, like take walks, balance check books, and make giant batches of limoncello. Like, liters of limoncello. (Hey, if you ask me, sleeping for the first time in five years deserves a celebration.)

There are all sorts of limoncello recipes out there on the interwebs, and a lot of them are more “authentic” than the recipe I found and followed by Tracy from Shutterbean. But she makes it so easy and approachable that you totally forget that her recipe is more of an “infused liquor” than a real limoncello, and instead embrace the lemony, boozy goodness of it all. Mmm, heaven.

So far, I’ve tried the limoncello as a cordial, over ice cream, and mixed with Cherry 7-Up as a spritzer of sorts. I love how incredibly versatile it is, and that it stays good for months (though it might not last that long in this household).

Please give this summery drink a try! You won’t be disappointed.


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