perfectly poached eggs

This is a blog post about eggs. Wait! Don’t close your browser window just yet!

This is a blog post about eggs. But not just any eggs. Nope. We’re talking Perfectly Poached Eggs.

Now, unlike most people, I’m pretty new to the egg game. I blame my decades-long aversion on the cafeteria-style scrambled eggs of my youth that were always sad, flavorless and mysteriously rubbery.

But as a person who (clearly) loves to make and eat food, it recently struck me as silly that I’ve been avoiding eggs like the plague. So yesterday I resolved to make myself an egg (a little bit runny, on buttered toast) for breakfast.

As an egg novice, I needed a how-to for my craving, so I immediately dropped by Smitten Kitchen for her fantastic step-by-step egg-poaching tutorial. Some of the instructions seem (to an outsider) pretty standard (get the water hot, but not too hot; don’t try to crack the egg directly into the pot), but there are a few really good take-aways, like using a splash of vinegar to keep the whites from spreading everywhere and creating a whirlpool before you plop your egg in to ensure a nice little egg bundle.

As you can see from the pictures, even as a first-timer, I was pretty darn successful in my egg poaching. Next time, I’ll poach my egg for three minutes instead of four, but I was otherwise totally pleased with the outcome.

Aversion overcome!


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