french yogurt cake

This cake is technically a French Yogurt Cake. At least, that’s what the latest Bon Appetit magazine says. I, however, like to think of it as the Little Cake That Could.

I was not on my “A” game when baking this treat. The recipe called for an 8″ loaf pan–I used a 9.5″. It directed a light greasing with Pam. My Pam was well past its expiration date (yikes), so I went with Crisco. One jumbo egg had to suffice for two large, because we bought the wrong size last week at the grocery store. By my estimation, this loaf should’ve come out of the oven like a rock or an underdone blob of yogurt and sugar.

Instead, it was a light, lovely, lemony cake. Not too sweet and certainly not cloying, the French Yogurt Loaf made its debut at Casa de Condo after dinner that night and encored at breakfast the next morning.

My version was no looker, as you can see by the picture. Should you decide to make this–and I really think you should–and you follow the directions, then you can expect a much taller loaf, with a pretty golden top and that satisfying crack along the top characteristic of all sweet loaves. But if you miss a step, or get mixed up, persevere. Even a funny looking version of this cake is totally, completely worth it.


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  1. interesting…I’m trying to see if it’s the same as the gâteau au yaourt which is pretty much the first cake we ever learn to bake, also known as “Wednesday afternoon cake for a rainy day”…you can add whatever you want to it. Some people put fruit in it, others slice it in half ant spread nutella…my sister is not a fan but I like it. It reminds me of much simpler days, before taxes, presidential elections and whatnot ;D

    • Melanie! Bon Appetit made special mention that this cake is often the first foray most French children have in to baking. But, of course, I much prefer to hear it straight from my French Connection’s mouth. Next time you’re back in the states, you and I will have to make this side-by-side. 🙂

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