caramel pecan bars

This dessert was something of a perfect storm. A perfect, sugary storm of goodness.

It all started with a jar of caramel (oh, if I had nickel for every time a story of mine began this way…just kidding, natch). I bought it on a whim in the ice cream aisle one weekend, thinking it would be the perfect topping for a monster sundae that tragically never materialized.

With the jar in hand, I assessed the pantry situation. Half a bag of pecans. Many, many bags of chocolate chips. Flour and brown sugar. And so much butter (in the fridge, not the pantry of course. That would be gross.)

I had no choice. I had to make Caramel Pecan Bars from Kristan, the genius behind Confessions of a Cookbook Queen.

You would not believe how easy these are to make. Combine the brown sugar and flour. Cut in the butter. Sprinkle the pecans and pour on the caramel. Bake till bubbly, then melt the choco chips. Done like a stun gun (I just made that up, so technically it’s copy written. I know laws and such).

These would be PERFECT for a pot luck situation. Or a birthday situation. Or an it’s Sunday and I have to go to work tomorrow so I’m going to eat like it’s going out of style situation. Word.


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