cake of the month, part 11: salted caramel cheesecake pie

Does anyone else get house envy?

Don’t get me wrong. I capital “L” Love the Condo Far, Far Away, but sometimes Nate and I will casually pop into an open house in our development or drive around some ridiculously cute neighborhood, and I can’t help but come down with a case of the “I wants.”

Last night on the way home from dinner, for example, we peeked into a friend’s house that she is renovating to sell. It was beautiful. Big, open, lots of rooms, a short walk to the metro…sigh. On the way back to our place, we drove through a sweet little neighborhood, with modest brick houses surrounded by picket fences and azalea bushes.  Sigh, again.  Times ten.

If this happens to you, too, I have a fool-proof way to combat the green eyed monster: remember what it’s like to move. Think about wrapping up 38 plates, 19 glasses, your impressive collection of mismatched coffee mugs, countless pieces of silverware, and drawers full of utensils.  Ruminate on how you held you breath when the movers tried to navigate your couch, your bed frame, your dining room table, around tiny doorways and narrow halls. And remember exactly how you felt when the power company told you that they double-booked your appointment, and they wouldn’t be able to turn on your electricity for another week. At the end of July. In a city that was once a swamp.

Phew. Better, right? We really dodged a bullet there.

Do you know what else won’t cause you envy anymore? Those over-achieving cheesecake bakers. Because, with this AMAZING recipe for Salted Caramel Cheesecake Pie from Dorie Greenspan and Zoe Nathan via Joy the Baker, you can impress friends, family, and anyone else who might be hanging around with minimal effort.  Interested?

It couldn’t be easier. You grind up some ginger snaps to make the crust. You mix some cream cheese, eggs, and sugar for the filling. You boil some sugar (no candy thermometer necessary!) with corn syrup and butter to make the caramel topping. You give yourself a mani/pedi because you have a decent wait while it bakes. Then you accidentally eat a slice before you take a picture. Because it’s that good. Trust.

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