sour cream coffee cake of awesomeness

Saturday, I was sucked into a You Tube vortex.

It’s okay.  You don’t need to save me.  Clearly, I survived.

But, seriously, does this happen to anyone else?  I get some song from my formative years stuck in my head, and I go to You Tube to relive those moments parked in front of the TV watching TRL drinking Diet Cokes and eating Bugles.

I started with Better Than Ezra.  Then the Smashing Pumpkins.  Gin Blossoms.  Courtney Love.  Foo Fighters.  Beck.  Red Hot Chili Peppers.   Hours literally passed while I rocked out, sometimes solo, sometimes with Mr. Nate.  Disarrono on the rocks may have played a part in this ultimate time waster.

Yesterday, I made Shutterbean’s Sour Cream Coffee Cake to accompany the second non-Easter, Easter dinner I’ve had this year.  This cake has nothing to do with 90s alternative rock.  It has everything to do with nostalgia.

I grew up eating lots of coffee cake (it was the fall-back dessert in my household, and not a soul complained).  This coffee cake is the “Best Of” remix of those childhood confections.  It has the requisite moist crumb, the cinnamon notes, the buttery awesomeness.  It also has a vanilla wash.  And a maple, vanilla, sugar glaze.  It smells like a Belgian waffle and a shortstack of pancakes.  Booyah.

If you, too, crave moments from your past, I recommend you make this cake.  If you want to completely forget about the past, I still think you should make this. Because coffee cake is timeless.  Just like 90s alternative rock and Bugles.


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