rosemary focaccia

The “blog-o-sphere” is blowing up with food-related Valentine’s Day ideas.  Cookies that look like love lettersPersonal-sized red velvet cakes adorned with golden chocolatesBread pudding made with DONUTS.  I get a sugar rush just THINKING about these desserts.  A wonderful, blissful sugar rush.

So, like any good sheep that also happens to blog, I cracked open my cookbooks and tried to find a Valentine’s Day-worthy treat to share with you.  I started by perusing fancy cocktails and poring over all sorts of cakes and cookies and bars.  But, for some reason, my tried-and-true Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day kept begging me to flip through its pages and maybe–just maybe–consider a recipe within as a viable competitor in this culinary competition.

It only took a few minutes for me to zero-in on my choice: Rosemary-Onion Focaccia (minus the onion–onion breath is not for Valentine’s Day).  Delicious, fluffy-centered, crusty-outered, rosemary flavor out the ying-yang focaccia.

If you’re doubting my decision to make bread as a Valentine’s Day treat, I submit the following: homemade bread, to me, is a complete luxury.  You can buy bread in the store, at the Farmer’s Market, or even at CVS.  It’s cheap and it’s easy to find.  To make bread, you have to set aside time.  You have to plan in advance.  You have to handle it properly, keep it in a warm, draft-free place, and treat it kindly.  Making homemade bread is all about love.  So, naturally, homemade bread is quintessentially Valentine-y.  Even without it being pink or red.

If you feel so inclined to show someone (including yourself!) some love this February 14th, look no further than this bread.  It’s like a bear-hug for your tummy.


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