chicken with spinach and parmesan

After careful thought and deliberation, I have decided that where you work in a city completely and utterly colors your feelings for said city.

Example: I, like many Feds, work in DC.  My area of town is, how you say, “blah.”  The buildings are that monotonous 70s-era style, with tiny windows and beige exteriors.  There’s no where to eat for lunch outside of Quiznos and Subway, which you can only frequent so many times before you start smelling their harsh floor cleaners on your coats and shoes.  And since almost everyone in my part of town is there to work (not eat or live), the people-watching prospects are glum at best. So, I think you can understand why–when the whistle blows–I am darting to the Metro, ready and delighted for a return to civilization.

This week, however, I’ve been in training in a fun and bustling part of town.  A part of town that has SIT DOWN restaurants–with cloth napkins and tablecloths!  A place where all sorts of people mingle and work, and the side walks are covered with trendy guys and gals going to and from trendy places.  I love this location.  Being out among so many interesting folks is invigorating, and I find myself walking leisurely to the Metro at the end of the day, debating whether I should drop by the cute cupcake shop or the funky jewelry store before heading home (I checked out both).  This part of town is what I adore about DC.

With this new-found spring in my step, I decided to have fun with dinner.  So I chose Skinny Taste’s Chicken Rollatini with Spinach and Parmigiana.

Now, I can imagine you’re thinking, “Um, rolled up chicken is your idea of fun?  How terribly sad.”  And I’d actually have to agree with you–it’s pretty lame in theory.  But, to me, chicken parm is one of the most comforting foods you can eat.  And chicken parm rolled up into perfect portions is kinda cute.  And fun.  Because I am pretty lame (but at least I own it, right?).

Anyways, you’ll really enjoy this recipe.  It’s easy and yummy and, yes, fun.  So after you’ve spent a day wandering your favorite area of town, go on home and cook this up.  You won’t be disappointed.


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