pulled pork sandwiches with homemade buns

I am absolutely head over heels in lurve with Downton Abbey.  I love the dresses, I love the accents, and I LOVE the drama.  So, so, so much drama!

Like, what is with cousin Isobel, stomping around acting like she owns the place? Did Daisy make the right decision by letting William thinks she’s interested?  And what are O’Brien and Thomas up to this time???

Now, while I am a bit of an Anglophile in the TV and lit departments, I’m decidedly less so when it comes to cooking.  It’s nothing personal, of course, and I’ll absolutely devour and enjoy a nice shepherd’s pie or some figgy pudding, but my taste bud allegiance will always lie with good ol’ American fare.  That being said, I chose pulled pork sandwiches (from Real Simple) with homemade buns (courtesy of King Arthur Flour) for our Sunday Downton Abbey viewing  party.  Of two.  (Because there ain’t no party like a Condo party, cuz a Condo party don’t stop.)

I started this dinner around 10 am on Sunday morning, beginning with step 3 of the recipe from Real Simple (I didn’t want the side of broccoli slaw, but if you do, just start with step 1).  After completing the arduous task of throwing a handful of ingredients in the crockpot (read: not arduous at all), I turned it on low and let it do its thing for 8 hours.

In the meantime, I started the burger buns–there is a one to two hour rise involved, so I made sure to build that in to my cooking time.  And after a quick bake, I was absolutely astounded by how dense yet fluffy these were, and how perfectly suited they were to holding my precious pulled pork.

So pip pip cheerio, get this meal going tonight, y’all.  I can’t recommend it enough!


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