malted brown sugar cookie sandwiches

I know it isn’t nice to trick people.  Especially if that person is your spouse who, for the most part, has done nothing to deserve the trickery.  And yet…

What if said person (we’ll call him “Nate”) told you that he doesn’t like Whoppers?  As in, one of the best candies in all the land?!?  And what if his reasoning is that the malted center is too “chalky” and “bland”?  You’d probably assume he’d gone insane, start sleeping with one eye open, and have 911 dialed on your cell phone, ready to press “send” on a moment’s notice.  Or perhaps you’d try to trick him into reassessing his hatred of all things malted.

I went with the latter option (I was afraid of the one itchy, dried out eyeball with the first option–not cute), choosing to make a big ol’ batch of Malted Brown Sugar Cookie Sandwiches, courtesy of Shauna Sever’s lovely blog, The Next Door Baker.

Malted milk powder (you can find it next to the hot cocoa in your grocery store) factors into the batter and the buttercream in this recipe, so you really get to enjoy the flavor in all its malty glory.  Paired with the brown sugar (the recipe calls for dark, but I used light since it was all I had on hand), this cookie is delicious–crispy, chewy, sweet, heavenly.

I whipped these up last night before Nate came home, and placed them nonchalantly on a pretty plate in the kitchen.  From my spot on the couch, I could see him notice the heap of cookies, pick one up, give it a sniff, and then take a bite.  Followed by another bite. Followed by a giant bite that finished off the rest of the treat.  Then he grabbed another.

It wasn’t until he was done chewing and “Mmm”-ing that I told him the secret ingredient.  And, as you might have guessed, I have made a malted sweets convert.  Ah, the power of baked goods.


One response

  1. He is right about whoppers. His dislike. His perfect assessment of their drawbacks. Sorry. As a consolation, Alice loves them. The cookies sound promising ……

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