chicken with leeks, sun-dried tomatoes in white wine sauce

According to the newspaper, today was the coldest-feeling day in the DC area in two years.  And by that, I mean the actual temperature of 18 degrees wasn’t the coldest temp in two years–but with the wind chill factored in, it was absolutely the most bone-chilling, teeth-chattering day.  In two whole years.

Better still?  The Metro broke.  Well, technically the tracks did, cracking in the extreme chilliness.  Which meant the morning commute was extended by at least half an hour, with trains holding on the outdoor platforms with their doors wide-open, freezing the passengers inside as the conductors waited for the signal to move on.

When I got home this evening, I was longing for something warm and comforting.  A meal that would defrost me from my nose to my toes, and give me a pat on the back and an encouraging smile.  “You had a crappy day,” it needed to say, “but you’re home now.”

So I gathered the ingredients for Skinny Taste’s Chicken with Leeks, Sun-Dried Tomatoes in White Wine Sauce, and set to work cooking chicken breasts, sauteeing leeks and garlic, and making a white wine reduction studded with slivers of sun-dried tomatoes.  Sounds fancy, I know, but it took all of thirty minutes and one skillet to pull together this light Italian dish.

I ate it on the couch, tucked under my new winter blanket, while watching 30 Rock.  And if you can replicate this set-up, it’s a highly advisable way to eat this delicious meal.  Comfort food in your comfortable home.  There’s nothing better.


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