lucy’s neat ripple blanket

So, as some of you know, along with cooking and baking, I can be found on any given day in my cozy corner of the Condo Far, Far Away crocheting.

It isn’t a very cool hobby (no matter what those Krochet Kids guys with the ironic t-shirts and moustaches say on the TV), and certainly not a glamorous one, and yet I can’t seem to help myself.  It’s quiet and peaceful, and I’m actually left with something pretty special that I made all by myself.  As a person who is only “okay” at a few instruments and was told by a college art professor that I’m too “left-brained” to paint, I am pleased to have the patience and ability to follow directions to make something that is both lovely and useful.

I’ve made a whole host of things since I took up this hobby last year, but only get the urge to share them ever so often.  And, as I’m sure you’ve gathered, this is one of those times.

Starting in November, I ripple ripple rippled my way through Lucy of Attic 24’s lovely Neat Ripple Blanket, following Shanti’s (from Wires & Yarns) edging instructions.  And as of this morning, I’m done.  Finito.  Done-zos.  The final stitch was stitched.  The last bits were trimmed and woven in.  It’s finished.

There’s something a bittersweet about the end of a big project, I think.  It’s wonderful to be done, but there’s something nice about having that pile of yarn and half-done blanket in the basket by my comfy chair, ready to be worked on.  Sigh.

Oh well.  A new blanket for the New Year.  Makes sense to me! 🙂


2 responses

  1. hey! i have a question on this blanket, i am making a similar pattern (it’s 10 dc’s in between the increases and decreases) but the pattern i’m making doesn’t have edging on it and i really want it to be square! i have also checked out wires and yarns explanation on how to do but i’m just not following what she says. i’m confused as to when to do sc, dc, hdc etc any pointers on what you did would be greatly appreciated!! thanks!

    • Hi Michelle! Thanks for your question. It sounds like with 10 DCs between increases and decreases, you must have very gradual ripples. That might make this a little bit trickier, because Wires and Yarns’ instructions are based off of the original 4 DCs between increases and decreases, so I’m thinking you’ll need to do some experimentation. The basic thrust of “filling in” the peaks and valleys in the blanket is to use stitches that leave a straight finished edge (which you know, I’m sure). Have you tried playing with different sized stitches to accomplish this? With 10 DCs, I’d probably keep SCs at the peaks, then try 4 SCs, 5 HDCs, 4 DCs (covers one stitch before the decrease, the decrease, and one stitch after), 5 HDCS, 4 SCs to go down and back up the valley.

      Also, I believe Wires and Yarns is also using American Crochet terms, even though Lucy uses UK terms…not sure if maybe that’s tripping you up. I hope this helps!

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