cranberry bliss bars

Merry belated Christmas everyone!  I hope Santa was good to all of you, and that you had the opportunity to eat piles of turkey and ham and mashed potatoes and mountains of desserts.

In true Condo Far, Far Away fashion, I baked and ate an army’s share of food.  My kitchen reassembled the Keebler elves’ tree factory, what with the overload of sweets and the presence of yours truly, who stands shoulder to shoulder with your average elf.  It was wonderful.

One of my favorite creations of the season? A near-perfect copy of Starbucks’ Cranberry Bliss Bars.

If you’ve already tried this treat at your local Starbucks, then I know I don’t have any explaining to do.  You will make these bars and you will love them.  For those of you that haven’t had the pleasure, let me break it down for you: yellow cake filled with bits of candied ginger, dried cranberries, and white chocolate chips.  Coated in cream cheese frosting.  Sprinkled with dried cranberries.  Drizzled with melted white chocolate.

They’re practically the definition of decadence, and are oh, so worth the calories.  Better still, Starbucks may stop selling these when the new year rolls around, but your can make them all year long.  Score one for the little guy!  (Yes, I’m still talking about elves.)


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  1. Hi, just doing some blog leaping, came across your blog and stayed for a while. I was looking up the five and a half hour throw but was tempted by all your recipes. I like coming across blogs which share my interests. All the best for the New Year.
    Love from Mum

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