cookie plate 2011

Oh, friends, here we are again.  It’s just a handful of days before Christmas, and if you’re anything like me, your oven is firing on all cylinders.  (And please don’t worry–I may not be very mechanically savvy, but I do know that ovens don’t actually have cylinders.  They have tiny, magical elves that cook your food perfectly when they’re having a good day, and burn it to a crisp when they’re feeling surly or contrary, or have had to wait in a long line at Target.  Duh.)

So tonight I bring you my contribution to the season: Cookie Plate 2011.  Or Cookie Plate 2.0, which was my first name for it, until Nate groaned and told me that only the out-of-touch still say “2.0” after things.  Message received.

Cookie Plate 2011 contains two new treats and an oldie (but SUCH a goodie).  They are, in no particular order, Martha Stewart’s Snickerdoodles (adapted by Smitten Kitchen here) and Chocolate Brownie Cookies (thank you, Joy/King Arthur Flour!).  The oldie, of course, is Alton Brown’s “The Chewy.

What made these two new editions so notable?  I’d say the inability to mess them up and the awesomeness of the end result.  The Snickerdoodle recipe was spot-on timing-wise (at least for my oven, which I think runs pretty true to temp), and the finished product was soft, cakey, and perfectly cinnamony.

And what more could you ask for than a Chocolate Brownie Cookie?  They’re chewy and gooey, like a brownie, but so much easier to eat.  I went ahead and added in the bittersweet chocolate chips to the dough, and I have to tell you that they shouldn’t be missed.  Spectacular.

So from my condo to yours (or, you know, whatever kind of abode you reside in), HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

*Looking for some more cookie inspiration?  Check out the very first Cookie Plate!


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