pumpkin gooey cake

I have a confession to make.  And it’s certainly not one I’m proud to share.  It’s embarrassing, really, and something that I try to hide from everyone–even Nate.  But, here goes: I’ve been stock piling canned pumpkin.  And it isn’t pretty.

My problem started back during the great pumpkin shortage of 2008.  At the time, I pshawed the people on TV telling me to grab my cans of Libby’s now, before it’s too late.  I thought it was all phooey.  Then I went to buy a can of pumpkin for my yearly contribution to the Thanksgiving meal–Pumpkin Gooey Cake.  And all that was left was a can of organic pumpkin mush that had the consistency of a slushy (just not chilled).  Which lead to a near-disaster in my oven, due to the excess water content of the organic junk.  Sure, it tasted okay, but it was no substitute for the Libby’s.

So last year, when I saw the cans of Libby’s sitting on their low-level shelf at my Harris Teeter, I grabbed three, figuring I’d make my cake and few other pumpkin-y treats.  This year, I saw significantly fewer Libby’s on display and took them–all six of them–lest I run into a pumpkin emergency.  Awful, I know.  But I panicked, thinking that it might be my last chance to get a few cans of the good stuff.

Now I have a tower of canned pumpkin in my pantry.  And to make the pumpkin gods and my conscience happy, I’ve been using it in anything I can think of, from this cake to pumpkin bread to my morning oatmeal.  Still, the tower remains.

And yet, the thought of giving cans away makes me all twitchy and sweaty.  I told you it’s a problem.

I guess I’ll just have to make five more Pumpkin Gooey Cakes.  A buttery, pumpkin-y, cheesecake-y concoction, this cake is always a crowd favorite.  Even among the pumpkin-indifferent.


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