sugar and spice candied pecans

A little under a year ago, I resolved to be better at self-control.  And for nearly 12 months, I have eaten less, bought less, and worried less (though perhaps only incrementally so).  But still, there are things for which self-control is completely impossible.  These things are (in no particular order):

-Glitter nail polish

-Coconut OR almond OR coconut-almond lotions

-Candles that smell like baked goods

-Pens of any color

-Cute greeting cards

-Candied nuts

Clearly I’m writing this afternoon about that last item on my list: candied nuts.  Specifically, sweet and spicy candied pecans.

Is there anything more wonderful than pecans (or almonds or cashews) sprinkled with brown sugar and a little cayenne, and then baked until the sugar caramelizes and every nut is covered in a sweet, crunchy shell of awesomeness?  I think not.

What I love about these treats is not only their deliciousness, but also their easy-peasy-ness.  I mean, there are few recipes that are more versatile and yummy than candied pecans.  They are great hostess gifts, wonderful in the snack bowl at your next party, and perfect goodies to add to your plate of Christmas cookies.  Really, you can’t go wrong.


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