cake of the month, part 6: prince william’s groom’s cake

Remember when I oh-so-casually mentioned that I am distantly related to the Lady Kate Middleton?  Well, apparently obscure genealogical relations don’t get you an invite to the royal wedding.  Or even to the royal bridal shower! I mean, the nerve!  If anyone should’ve been there to see the Queen Mum give Kate a ten-piece set of non-stick cookware, it’s me.

But in the interest of peace during the Christmas season, I decided to put my anger and disappointment aside and instead embrace the royal couple by making Prince William’s Groom’s Cake.

I say “making” and not “baking” because, though he will someday be ruler of all the British land with lots of money and plenty of schmancy bakers on-call, Prince William apparently prefers refrigerator cakes to a more elaborate concoction.  How very approachable of him.

What’s a refrigerator cake? Well, it’s a cake that requires no baking.  You use ingredients that are pre-baked (like the cookie/crackers used here) and, in this case, lots of melted chocolate chips.  Like, bags of them.  Yummm…

The end result is a treat that resembles a cake, but tastes like a giant, extra-chocolatey Milano cookie.  It’s crumbly and doesn’t cut all that easily, but that certainly didn’t deter myself or the Thanksgiving crowd I shared it with.

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