baked bananas

I look ridiculous when I trip.

I know this because I tripped in front of a mirror today.

A mirror in the ladies’ bathroom at my job.  Not awkward at all.

What do I look like?  Well, it happened pretty fast, so I didn’t get a great look.  What I can tell you is that my eyes bug out, my arms flail, and my legs resemble overcooked spaghetti noodles.

Cute, I know.

I guess I shouldn’t be too ashamed.  I mean, I’ve had way more awkward experiences in a ladies’ bathroom than tripping in front of my coworkers.  One time, I had a colleague actually search me out in the restroom because someone “was on the phone for me.”  Uh, take a message?

Another time, I had tucked the entire tail end of my skirt into my tights.  I noticed right as I stepped outside of the bathroom, so none of my coworkers saw me.  Unfortunately, after situating myself, I quickly realized there had been a security camera pointed in my general direction the entire time.  I couldn’t look at our building’s  guards in the eye from that day forward.

But you know what isn’t awkward?  This dessert.  (Best transition ever, I know.)

These baked bananas (courtesy of Skinnytaste) are low fat/low carb, so they’ve got that trendy thing going for it.  Plus, they’re all natural, which I’m told is big these days.  But most importantly, they’re totally yummy.  Like a healthy bananas foster.

You could, of course, make it a *little* less healthy with a giant scoop of vanilla ice cream.  And maybe a drizzle of caramel.  Oh, and just a dollop of whipped cream.  Because the proven way to beat awkwardness is with a sugar coma.  Trust me.  I’m an expert.


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