crock pot pasta sauce with turkey sausage

My shopping lists always contain a random (and sometimes bizarre) assortment of items.  If you were to find it sitting out on my coffee table, you would think I was listing items in the room or “things that are small”, or that I had misplaced my Scategories score card.

Don’t believe me? Take yesterday’s list for example:

  • Skinny jeans
  • Cat litter
  • Marshmallow fluff
  • Gum
  • Car wax
  • Turkey sausage


Now, to be fair, I do a lot of shopping at Target, where one can procure all of these items in the same place.  But still.  Crazy.  I mean, if I found my list shoved between the seats in the Metro, I would be sure that a serial killer had recently sat in my spot, plotting some terrible, creepy act.

In my defense, though, I needed all of those items.  Especially the turkey sausage, so that I could make yet another delicious dinner from Skinny Taste.

Enter Crock Pot Pasta Sauce with Turkey Sausage.   There are five (FIVE!) ingredients in this dinner, people.  That’s it.  Five.  And it cooks itself (essentially).  Save 20 minutes in the morning to get it going, and then let ‘er ride until dinner time.  It’s that simple.

Nate kindly got this started for us this morning, and when I walked in the door this evening, it was like opening a portal to Nonna’s kitchen and being told to pull up a chair, dinner’s ready!  Except that I’m Greek/German/Welsh, so I don’t have a Nonna…

Details.  Just make this dinner, mkay?


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