chicken enchiladas

For many years, I was suspicious of any dinner served in a 13 x 9 pan.

I know it’s ridiculous.  But a girl can only eat so many meals with names like Tuna Surprise and Hamburger Dee-lite before she looks sideways at the ubiquitous Pyrex baking dish making its way from the oven to the dinner table.

It’s not that these dinners didn’t taste good, because they did.  But they only ever came in shades of brown and beige, and were composed of mostly indiscernible parts (except for the ever-present crumbled potato chip topping).

I’m older now, and a little bit wiser, and I’m no longer pan-shy.  I’ve made a lot of delicious dinners in a single Pyrex, most recently this wonderful and healthy recipe for Chicken Enchiladas from my new go-to blog, Skinny Taste.

Now, this recipe isn’t healthy because you use tofu cheese, sprouts instead of chicken, or flattened discs of butternut squash as tortillas.  Those substitutions would fall under cruel and unusual punishment, and you didn’t do anything to deserve such heinous treatment (unless you eat pizza with a fork and knife–then you had it coming).  No, the key with this recipe is portion control.  Less calorie-packed (but still very flavorful) enchiladas mean jeans that still fit, skirts that still zip, and the continued ability to see your toes.

The only note I would make about this recipe is that if you love heat (as in, spicy heat), then go with the full serving of chilis in adobo sauce.  If you feel so-so about your mouth being on fire, go with half.  And if you hate spice, just leave it out all together.  Believe me–a little bit of the stuff goes a very long way.


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