cake of the month, part 4: tiramisu layer cake

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the meaning of life and other important matters, and I’ve come to an earth-shattering conclusion: getting a good hair cut is a lose-lose situation.  Because, as any woman or stylish guy knows, the money you spend on your haircut is directly proportional to how good your hair looks.  So, if you can’t afford the $90 a cut salon, your hair will probably look fair to middling at best.  And if you can afford a great haircut, you’ve just handed over a lump of cash that you could’ve used to buy a pair of very nice shoes or jeans WHICH would’ve lasted longer than two months.  See what I mean?  Lose-lose.

When I need a break from my “big thoughts,” I like to bake.  The measuring and weighing and levelling are soothing for my humongous brain.

So, I figured two birds, one stone: by baking a cake, I fulfill my monthly promise to you AND get to relax/stuff my face with cake.  Win-win.

I adore tiramisu, but I’ve always thought the lady finger arranging and espresso soaking seemed fussy, so I’ve avoided the many recipes I’ve come across over the years.  Until I found this one for tiramisu layer cake on  With 988 reviews and a solid five-star rating, I figured I really couldn’t miss.

In the spirit of honest communication, I’ll level with you–there are quite a few steps in this recipe.  But many of the ingredients are pre-made, and the recipe really only requires simple baking skills (“put cake into the oven,” for example).  Best of all, you can whip the whole thing together in about an hour, which means you can confidently promise to provide dessert at that dinner party you were invited to, oh, three hours ago.  Lucky you!  But mostly, lucky them.


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