black bean burger and kale chips

This week was stressful.

Not just oh-man-am-I-busy stressful.  Or boy-my-inbox-is-full! stressful.  It was if-one-more-person-asks-me-for-one-more-thing-or-if-I-get-one-more-email-or-one-more-phone-call-I’m-going-to-explode-all-over-this-damn-cubicle stressful.  I didn’t eat lunch until 2 pm (I eat breakfast at 5 am, so yeah, 2 pm is a wee bit late).  I had to schedule restroom breaks.  One morning, I stepped out for 10 minutes for a cup of coffee, and returned to three voice mails, 10 emails, and a sticky note on my keyboard saying, “So and so needs to talk to you.”  Yeah.  That kind of week.

In the past, these kinds of weeks would send me into a downward spiral of frozen pizza scarfing, Oreo eating, and Five Guys burger and french fries devouring.  But, amazingly, I held it together.   Instead of pizza, I had stuffed pita.  In lieu of Oreos, I ate small slices of Cherry Squares.  And instead of Five Guys, I chowed down on black bean burgers and kale chips.

Now, I’m definitely not one of those weirdos who says, “Oh, black bean burgers and kale chips taste EXACTLY like Five Guys.  You won’t be able to tell the difference!” Because you will.  There’s a big difference.  But that’s okay.  They’re delicious in their own way, and I can definitely say that they don’t taste nearly as healthy as they truly are.

The black bean burgers (courtesy of Annie’s Eats) are hearty and spicy and are perfectly complimented by your normal burger toppings (cheese, ketchup, pickles, yum).  And the kale chips are surprisingly addictive–crispy, flavorful and salty, you could eat a bowlful and still feel as light as a feather.

So treat yourself to a dinner that’s good and good for ya.  You won’t be disappointed.


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