coconut ice cream and mango sorbet

On Tuesday, I mentioned hosting an all-out fiesta for Labor Day.  And I shared with you recipes for Carnitas and Pulled Chicken tacos, both of which I’m still dreaming about (yes, I dream about food–don’t judge).

What I neglected to mention was the absolute most important meal of that day (and any day, really)–dessert.  Which is crazy, considering the leading role dessert plays in my daily life.  In fact, if this were the SATs, I would say that dessert is to my evenings as “good butter” is to Ina Garten.  Critical.  Crucial.  Non-negotiable.

But dessert can’t always be four-layer chocolate cakes.  Sometimes, a girl just wants something light and dreamy.  And by “something,” of course I mean “somethings.”

Like Coconut Ice Cream and Mango Sorbet.  Because a dessert-lover shouldn’t have to choose.

The Coconut Ice Cream is everything it should be–creamy, sweet, and perfectly coconutty.  The Mango Sorbet is just as good, with unadulterated mango flavor and a small kick from the introduction of lime juice in the mix.  Combined in the same bowl they make sweet, sweet frozen music. Which is really worth a listen, if you ever get the chance.


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