cake of the month, part 3: favorite fudge cake

As a summer baby, I never got to celebrate my birthday at school.  Which, I think anyone would agree, is a travesty.  Umpteen times each school year, I had to half-heartedly sing the birthday song while the lucky boy or girl smiled beatifically in front of two or three dozen pink-frosted cupcakes, an oversized cookie cake, or–best of all–a chocolate cake.

Now, I’m an equal opportunity cake enthusiast, but chocolate layer cake has always been my favorite.  There’s something so, well, “birthday-ish” about chocolate cake.  It’s always tasty, a little bit over the top, and perfectly pretty.

So, for my third installment of the “Cake of the Month,” I decided to make my favorite guilty pleasure: fudge cake.

There was quite a bit of research that went into this choice.  I scoured the web for a popular recipe that seemed fool-proof (a necessity for yours truly), and finally landed on King Arthur Flour’s Favorite Fudge Cake.  Great reviews, easy instructions, and I had all of the ingredients.  It was like I was DESTINED to make this cake.

Well, kind of.  I was destined to make half of this cake.  You see, the Favorite Fudge Cake is supposed to be 4 layers (two full-sized layers cut in half lengthwise).  And you’ll note from my picture that my cake is, er, half-sized.  Petite, like me.  Because, well, one layer came out of the pan beautifully–and the other decided it wanted to stick around.  Next time, I will line both pans with parchment–the broken layer isn’t worth the heartache or the tears.  And Nate hardly ever cries.

But still, I’d consider this to be a huge success.  Moist and darkly chocoately,  this will absolutely be my go-to chocolate layer cake.  A cake worthy of lording over those  non-summer birthday babies.  Not that I’d ever do that or anything…

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