peach pie bars

Things I did this week instead of blogging:

-Painted my toenails sparkly pink.

-Baked not one, but TWO loaves of challah bread. (What, doesn’t your two-person household go through at least that much bread in a week?  No?  You have self control?  Oh.  I’ve learned something today.)

-Spent hours (HOURS I say!) choosing a spice rack on I spent less time choosing my first car.

-Listened to 30+ episodes of Mike and Tom Eat Snacks.  Hi-larious.

-Raised a barn.  Okay, maybe not.  Otherwise, I may have chipped the polish on those sparkly pink toes, ya know, since I wear sandals exclusively in the summer. Not gonna do that.  Duh.

So, anyways, I’m back.  And I made you Peach Pie BarsTap Tap.  Is this thing on?  Peach. Pie. BARS.  Get excited, people.  These are good.

I found this recipe on a new blog I’m following these days, Pink Parsley.  She got it from The Pastry Queen cookbook, by Rebecca Rather.  And I’m pretty sure Ms. Rather got it from a dream during which an angel from heaven told her that pie is nice and all, but pie BARS are the wave of the future.

Now, the name is a bit of a misnomer.  They are more of a cross between a cobbler and a fruity shortbread.  A perfectly buttery, lovely shortbread with sweet fruit bits nestled into every bite.  Eat it straight from the oven with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, if you want to go the cobbler route, or let them sit for an hour or two and cut yourself a bevy of pretty little squares.  Either way, you can’t go wrong.


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