quick sausage and mushroom lasagna

Wow.  You look tired.  Are you feeling alright?

Tough week?  I totally get it.  I know, I know, sometimes it feels like Friday will never come.

Take a load off.  Put on those fluffy socks with the rainbow stripes and that oversized sweatshirt.  No one will know but you and me.

Now, I’m no good at back rubs or foot massages, but I’m pretty awesome with comfort food.  Which, let’s be honest, we could both use right about now.

How about lasagna?  No, no, not the kind with a hundred steps, giant pots of sticky noodles, and 10 hours of baking.  I’m talking an easy lasagna, with mushrooms, and sausage, and wine.  A lasagna that uses no-boil noodles and pre-packaged shredded cheese.  A lasagna that will be a hug for your mind, body, and soul.

Sound good?  I thought so.


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