chicken curry with cashews

A story for you, Gentle Readers:

Once upon a time, there was a girl who lived in a condo far, far away, near a magical land referred to by those in the know as “DC.”  Every day this girl traveled back and forth to DC.  And though DC was but a short 11 miles away, the journey lasted about 45 minutes each way.  That is, when the enchanted Metro train that brought the girl to and fro chugged along at its usual lumbering pace.

But ever so often, the Metro train decided that a lumbering pace was, in fact, too fast and that it would prefer to start and stop with great jerking motions.  And sit and wait for minutes on end in the dark tunnels running beneath DC.  And turn off its air conditioning.  The Metro train could be a real jerk sometimes.

Last night, the girl was riding just such a Metro train on the way back home to her beloved condo.  The Metro train balked.  It sputtered.  It baked the people inside.  And everyone, including the girl, was very sad.  And very sweaty.

I won’t bore you with the details, Dear Reader, except to say that the girl’s typical 45 minute commute became one hour and 45 minutes.  In 90-degree weather.  In an airless Metro beast.

As you can imagine, the girl arrived home in a terrible state.  Her hair was frizzy.  Her mascara had smudged.  Her outfit clung to her frame.  In short, she was a hot mess.  Literally.

But then she noticed a wonderful smell–is that? could it be? curry fresh from the stove top?  That’s when she noticed her Prince Charming standing by the range.  Beside him was a plate of the most delicious dinner–spicy, hearty, incredibly flavorful– that the girl had tasted in a long time.  And wouldn’t you know, this most delicious dinner made the girl forget about her ride in the terrible Metro train, and her crazy hair, and her dripping make-up.  It was a magical dinner and it saved the day.


2 responses

  1. I made this tonight and OMG it was awesome! I confess that I was expecting it to be kinda run-of-the-mill, since it contains the same basic ingredients as all chicken curry recipes… those cashews must pack some kind of magical power. Yes sir, we’ll be making this one again!

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