cake of the month, part two: carrot and pineapple cake

In June, when I started the “Cake of the Month” series, I really hadn’t thought about anything beyond that chocolate mousse cake.  I mean, chocolate mousse.  In cake form.  What else is there to think about?

But then I was reminded that, hey, not everyone is in to chocolate.  And some people like their cakes to have more than one layer.  With, perhaps, some cream cheese frosting, please? Enter Ina Garten’s Pineapple and Carrot Cake.  With 377 reviews and a five-star rating, I knew I had found my “July” cake.

And, fortuitously enough, the actual need for a two-layer, frosted cake presented itself in the form of a summer birthdays party hosted at my Aunt’s house.  The menu was barbecue with all sorts of fruit and veggie salads, so I knew that there’d be a place for a pineapple-y, carrot-y confection.

With the skilled assistance and lively conversation of my lovely cousin, Jessie, I whipped up the layers late one Friday night, letting them sit in fridge (wrapped in cellophane, of course) overnight.  The next morning, the cream cheese and butter were brought to room temp and, in no time at all, the frosting was prepared and the cake was iced.

Now, I’m no great cake decorator (though getting better at the confectionary arts is a goal of mine), but I did do far better than I would have if left to my own devices by following this tutorial from the Whisk Kid.  She is all kinds of talented and a really great resource for everything cakes.

I imagine you’re wondering how this cake turned out.  Well, the general consensus of my family was, “Mmmm,” and “Ohmygod, so good.”   The cake is moist (I’m going to tip my hat to the pineapple for that), perfectly carroty, and the icing is amazing.  Best of all, it keeps for a few days–you know, if it isn’t devoured by whomever you’re sharing it with first.


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