iced coffee

My name is Katie, I live in a condo far, far away, and I have an addiction.  An addiction to a habit that’s tough–nay, impossible–to break.  An addiction to that cold, refreshing drink.  You know what I’m talking about.  Iced coffee.

Oh, how I long all winter for a day above 70 degrees, when I can march shamelessly into the Starbucks around the corner and demand a tall cup of my summer crutch.  It cools me down.  It perks me up.  It sweats more profusely than I do in my slacks, hose, and suit jackets, which makes my perspiration just that much less embarrassing.

Is it weird to talk about sweat here?

Anways, I think you get my point.  But for years, iced coffee was relegated to work–I only ever made the hot stuff at home, no matter the weather.  That is, until last weekend, when I was asked to bring my coffee pot to a party.  Instead, I offered to bring a pitcher of the iced stuff, not knowing the wonderful discovery that was about to unfold.

I was about to brew a pot of hot coffee and pop it in the fridge, when I thought, I wonder what Google has to say about this?  Well, apparently a lot.  There are all sorts of ways to brew a pitcher of cold gold, but the most discussed on the foodie sites I frequent was a cold-brew method first shared in the New York Times.  All you have to do is combine 1/3 of a cup of medium-coarse coffee grinds with 1 and 1/2 cups of room temp water in a pitcher (for two cups of iced coffee).  Let it sit on your counter for 8-12 hours, then strain it twice with a fine sieve.  Then, like magic, you have coffee that practically begs to be poured over ice in a pretty glass.

Why is this method better than cooling a hot-brewed cup of Joe, you ask? Here’s the deal: cooled hot coffee has a bitterness that, when its hot, you don’t notice.  Pour it over ice and you’ll need ten packets of sugar to cut that sharp, burnt taste.  Cold brew your coffee, and you’re left with a mellow, delicious cuppa that will help you start every day off on the right, jittery foot.


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