sautéed chicken and radishes with mustard and tarragon

I know it’s cliché, but I think that life really is a balancing act.  You take a little from Column A to put into Column B.  You steal from Peter to pay Paul. The wire gets taught over here, so you give it a bit of slack over there.  Or, in my case, you make a healthy dinner because you ate a gigantic piece of birthday cake with extra frosting and sprinkles at lunch.  You see? Balance is key.

I didn’t regret that three-layer yellow cake beauty and I certainly didn’t mind my “punishment” (er, equalizer).  I made Sautéed Chicken and Radishes with Mustard and Tarragon from Bon Appetit (via Epicurious) and it was scrumptious.  And pretty.  Shall we dish?

I think I’m rounding a corner with radishes.  I made this appetizer a while back, and I certainly enjoyed the radishes in that dish.  But for whatever reason I didn’t feel any sort of yearning to make a recipe with them again.  Well, until now.

This meal calls for two bunches of radishes, along with chicken (I used the thin-sliced breasts for a quicker cook time), mustard, wine, a shallot, chicken broth, and tarragon.  Unless your grocery store is all out and you forgot (AGAIN) that you’ve never purchased the dried stuff.  In that situation, use ground marjoram.  It’s flavorful and is a great accent for this dinner.

The steps are pretty much par for the course (cook the chicken, set aside while you reduce the pan sauce with some wine and broth…), but then you get started on those little pink, purple, and white radishes, lightly frying them in a separate skillet.  They get brown and beautiful, and before long you have a delicious dinner with the perfect side.

Make sure you’re generous with the sauce when you’re dishing up your meal–it’s tangy and spicy and oh, so good.  Round this meal out with a nice glass of white wine and you have a summery dinner with enough room left for your favorite dessert(s).


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