it’s a blog eat blog world, 2011 edition

Just a little less than a year ago, I shared with you a list of my very favorite food blogs. They ranged from the sweet (Bakerella and Joy), to the savory (Smitten Kitchen), to the experimental (Taste Spotting).

Well, it’s a new decade and definitely time to update my list.  And I have to admit, it’s a little tough.  I gravitate towards diary-like blogs, and sharing these links almost feels like sharing my best friends (something I’ve never been very good at–I’m admittedly no King Solomon, always relating more to the two feuding women).  But the whole point of this bloggy universe is to share the good stuff and laugh at the bad, so without further ado:

Not So Humble Pie:  Known exclusively as “Ms. Humble,” this blogger is a confectionery genius.  She has mastered macarons and lemon meringue pie.  Her cakes tower above the competition and her professionally-piped icing will make you feel perfectly inept.  But in a good way.  Because, really, she makes you want to be a better baker.  And isn’t that the whole point?

Delicious, Delicious, Delicious: Know what a lamington is? I didn’t either, until I started following Mr. P’s dessert-focused blog.  The man is obsessed with these little cakes (and mini Kewpie dolls), and has dozens of variations (I’m drawn to the white chocolate pomegranate cream variety, myself).  Go for the lamingtons, stay for the scores of cupcake, cookie, cake, and pie recipes.

Diamonds for Dessert: Um, yes, more dessert blogginess.  I’m obsessed.  Susan, the author of this blog, is too, and thank goodness.  Her creations add a touch of whimsy and light heartedness that’s missing in most food sites.  All I can say is that she’d better not let Med school get in the way of the important stuff–namely, baking.

Whisk Kid: Okay, am I the only baking fan that DOESN’T know about this girl?  Even Martha Stewart found her before I did (which, I feel, takes oodles away from my notorious blog-finding street cred–notorious because I use words like “oodles”).  She makes a rainbow cake that is so spot-on it would fool a leprechaun.  That takes some serious chops.

Hyperbole and a Half: Okay, this has absolutely nothing to do with food.  But it is hilarious.  The stories about her simple dog and childhood antics are sweet and gut-busting all at the same time.

Happy reading!


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