brown butter toasted coconut chocolate chip cookies

Unicorns.  Red wine.  Vacations.  Glitter.

If you asked me to make a list of my eight favorite things, four of them would be represented in this recipe (the other four are above and only one of them is also delicious–I mean, I’ve never had unicorn, but I’m assuming it’s a little tough based on all the frolicking they do).

Seriously though.  Can you imagine a more perfect trifecta plus one (quadfecta?) of ingredients?

If you’re not familiar with brown butter, let me enlighten you: it is butter that, due to heat and divine intervention, has evaporated all of its water content, leaving behind only creamy, buttery goodness in its purest form.  It smells what I imagine heaven would smell like, if heaven were managed by Paula Deen, Inc.  Toss in toasted coconut and chocolate chips, and you are in business.  And in a pair of jeans one size larger than usual.

Details, details.  Just make these.  Mmkay?


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