chicken breasts with fontina and prosciutto

Sometimes when I’m scouring the web for dinner inspiration, I think, Light.  Refreshing. Crisp.  Other times (most times?), I think, “Go big or go home, lady.”  (I like to keep things informal and slightly confrontational in my head.)  This recipe is mostly from column B.

Because, hey, I work hard.  And I’m good people–I goochie-goo babies and move errant shopping carts out of parking spaces and bring cookies to share at the office.  I DESERVE prosciutto, Fontina, and Boursin garlic-herb cheese.  And I’ve certainly earned that glass of wine on the side.  And, you know what–you have, too.

All this recipe takes is a handful of ingredients, a nominal amount of time, and just a wee bit of chutzpah to make.  And, if you’re like me and buy skinless chicken breasts, a little MacGyvering to adhere the cheesy mixture to the chicken (I used the prosciutto and wrapped it around my chicken to make up for the lack of skin, leaving it out of the cheese mixture entirely).

Cook it in a skillet, then keep it warm in the oven while you reduce the leftover bits in the pan with some chicken broth, Marsala wine, and butter. Oh my.

Pour this sauce on top of your chicken and serve.  Expect to eat this ravenously and to fight with your dinner companion over who gets to devour the last piece.

(You do, of course.)


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