penne puttanesca with chicken

I think I’d really like Italy.  From what I can tell there are limitless capers, bottomless bowls of pasta, and more art than you can shake a stick at (which I wouldn’t suggest–you’d hate to accidentally poke a hole through Bottocelli’s Primavera).  Not to mention the appeal of a predominately petite population and the opportunity to actually look someone in the eye (instead of the clavicle or belly button).  Yes, I think I’d like it just fine.

But realities, like astronomical air plane ticket prices and terrible exchange rates, leave me here in the states with only my mozzarella to comfort me.  Well, my mozzarella and great recipes like Penne Puttanesca with Chicken from Bon Appetit.

I think we’ve all had puttanesca before and probably remember it mostly for the capers.  But this recipe sees your caper expectations and raises you Kalamata olives. And anchovies.  And lots and lots of garlic.  It is saucy and spicy, which is perfectly apt if you know the etymology of “puttanesca” (check it out if you don’t).

So embrace your inner Italian and make this dinner (the candle stuck in a Chianti bottle as table decor is optional, but preferred).


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